Saveur Ducks: There is only one type of duck grown in NZ commercially and it is a white walking and non flying duck known as the Pekin Breed. Nothing to do with the Peking Duck though!.  These ducks are raised on deep litter in open sided barns with natural light and fresh air. They have access to food and water 24 hrs a day and their diet is designed by poultry nutrition experts. As ducks are waterfowl, the have a layer of fat under their skin which keeps them warm and waterproof. This layer of fat is rendered when cooking which makes the skin go crispy when cooking!.

Turkeys: These are available all year around on request. These free range Turkeys spend their days roaming around fresh green paddocks nibbling and pecking. At night they are moved into sheds to prevent exposure from the harsh weather and to protect them from predators.  

Rabbit: Wild or farmed and available on request