BBQ Range

Famous Baby Back Pork Ribs in 5 great flavours.

BBQ Plum Pork Scotch Ribs: We use pork scotch on the bone and marinated in a BBQ plum sauce. Great for on the BBQ or all year round. Can be grilled, baked or pan fried.

Double Smoked pork Short Ribs: Big chunks of pork scotch in a double smoked marinade. Great for the BBQ.

Lamb Kofta’s: Lean mince lamb seasoned and skewered. You can have them plain, crumbed or marinated. Great for the kids, on the bbq or as snacks.

Burgers:  Pure beef burgers Gluten Free with added seasoning only or for the real bloke a premium steak burger with burger seasoning.

We also do chicken kebabs in many flavours. The most popular is  Satay but please ask for other flavours.

BBQ Packs - Choose any 4 items from our list of 23 great everyday meat products. These are great for raffles, fundraising or just turning up with at a mates bbq